Tree Climbing Lions

Tree Climbing Lions

The tree climbing lions can be found the southern part of the ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. The habit of lions climbing trees is not often.

Queen Elizabeth is the only park in Uganda where tree climbing lions can be accessed. There  instances where people have said they have seen lions climbing trees in Kenya and south Africa, the story seems not to be evident as in Queen Elizabeth park because  the lions they see are often young lions playing about tree branches.

However lions can be found in other national parks like Murchison falls, kidepo and others but this don’t climb trees like the ones found in Queen Elizabeth national park apart from Lake Manyara in the neighboring Tanzania.

The reason for this lions climbing trees is not well known but some believe it’s to enjoy the cool breeze and rest from the afternoon scorching heat others say the lions climb the trees to escape the tsetse fly bites.

Queen Elizabeth national park is rich in fauna ranging from the candlestick thorns, humid rain forests to the Savannah vegetation which favors most wildlife like the Ugandan kobs, antelopes, warthogs and many more animals seen roaming on the ishasha sector, kasenyi plains, kazinga channel, lakes and around every area of the park including the chimpanzees at kyambura George and other primates

The tree climbing lions don’t climb the trees at dawn except when the sun rises the common trees they climb are; the sycamore fig trees and the acacia trees, the manes of the male lions of Queen Elizabeth are black.

Encountering the special unique lions of Queen Elizabeth is a one in a life time experience you won’t forget more so if you take enough photos back home as they lazily lie in the tree branches or when catching their prey.

The sycamore fig tree is an advantage to the tree climbing lions as they provide enough shelter to the lions from the heat as well as during rainy seasons.

Apart from the unique tree climbing lions, queen Elizabeth contains other Africa’s  big cats such as leopards and also other animals like buffalos, hyenas, antelopes, elephants and many more.

The rest Queen Elizabeth also offers striking scenic views of a real wilderness from the ranging mountains of Ruwenzori also known as mountains of the moon to the magnificent crater lakes surrounding the park including fresh water bodies like lake Edward and George linked by the vibrant Kazinga channel streamlined with hundreds of hippos, crocodiles and elephants playing with water at noon with the stunning kyambura George where chimpanzees scan be trekked and far away fishing villages to be visited and interact with the locals and get entertained with local dances and check in their gift shops for locally made crafts to take back home.

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