Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge

The extensive kyambura George pronounced by locals as ‘Chambura” is the magnificent valley of apes in the Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda situated in the Eastern part of the park this is drain by river kyambura it was formed by the disorderly water s of river kyambura it’s about 100metres deep the site of the land scape is so breath taking and one of the best u can find in the world.

However only sixteen chimpanzees can be found in this valley of apes as confirmed by researchers but it’s one of the places never to live out on a trip to Queen Elizabeth national park, kyambura George has got stunning views of the rain forest and it’s also positioned very close to the equator crossing the kyambura.

Kyambura is a habitat to chimpanzees and is one of the only place where this primates can be found on Queen Elizabeth national park tour either way it also contains a good number of other wildlife and birds as it’s a water source to animals within the park.

Reservations for trekking chimpanzees can be made at myeya information centre within Queen Elizabeth.

The steep slopes of kyambura George also attract the beautiful flamingos the scene is so beautiful as it’s being on sheltered by the riverine forests attracting large numbers of primates red tailed monkeys, olive baoons,white colobus monkeys, red Columbus monkeys and chimpanzees among others a number of birds are also often seen such as the African skimmer, papyrus canary white tailed lark papyrus gonolek vereux eagle owl lesser plus greater flamingoes, shoebill chapins fly catcher among the rest to exhaust the nature of kyambura George one has to take a nature guided walk with an highly knowledgeable tour guide kyambura George can be part of an exclusive safari to Queen Elizabeth national park surrounded by Savannah


Game viewing

Guided nature walks

Chimpanzee trekking


Accommodation can be got from within Queen Elizabeth national park ad around kyambura George area

How to get there

5-6 hour drive from Kampala

Can be accessed by air through Mweya airport or ishasha airport

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