Welcome to Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park is truly a Medley of Wonders! It has various ecosystems made up of sprawling savanna, shadowy, moist forests, lakes and fertile wetlands, which makes it a good home to various species of wildlife, primates and birds. Queen Elizabeth National Park lies against the back of the great Rwenzori Mountains with stunning and panoramic views that are made up of various crater lakes. These lakes are carved dramatically into the green rolling hills. When you visit, you will reward yourself with magical sights of the Kazinga Channel. This channel's shores are infested with hippopotamuses, elephants and buffaloes. You will also see the Savannah plains of Ishasha, whose fig trees obscure tree climbing lions that are ever ready to knock on herds of the famous Ugandan Kob. Just like the sights and attractions, this medley of wonders does have a rich cultural background too. There are many scenarios and opportunities for tourists to meet up with the local communities and be part of amazing cultural activities like traditional dances, storytelling moments, listening to traditional music and more.

The gazetting of the park has long ensured the conservation of its ecosystems, which in turn benefits the surrounding communities. Some of the activities to carry out in this popular national park include wildlife viewing (primary activity), Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge, Hot air ballooning and local community visits. Other interesting activities include hiking and nature walks, bird watching, launch cruises on the Kazinga Channel, lion tracking and a visit to the Katwe salt works. Tourists can visit at any time of the year but the best experiences are got during the months of June to September and December to January respectively. The park is not only among the best wildlife viewing destinations, but is also Uganda's most popular tourist destination.