Wildlife and Chimpanzees

Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park in Uganda and also a UNESCO world heritage site because its outstanding biodiversity and diverse ecosystems. It is home to a great deal of wildlife including big game, ten primate species including chimpanzees and over 600 birds.
There is a decent amount of wildlife especially big game in Queen Elizabeth national park including the following;

Elephants; the park is home to herds of elephants and you can be sure to see them in good numbers on your game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park both in Ishasha and the Mweya peninsula. Even when not on a game drive, anyone that gets a chance to drive through the park, even on the highway, will be able to see n elephant or two close to the road finding shelter or feeding and thus referred to as a common sight in this park.

Buffalo; another member of the big five and another common sight in Queen Elizabeth national park. Buffalos graze the savannah plains of the park in big numbers and soak up the muddy ponds. You will encounter them in great numbers during game drives as they graze or see them all covered in mud! Large numbers of buffaloes come to drink on the Kazinga channel and you will see them bathing in the channel on your launch cruise as well.

Lion; there is a healthy population of these cats in Queen Elizabeth national park and they are as well regarded a common sight within this park. A game drive in the Kasenyi sector is a sure way of boosting your chances of witnessing a live hunt! The Ishasha sector of this park is famous for the rare tree climbing lions but these are less common and not seen often but on a lucky day, you can find many of them lounging on fig trees especially during mid-morning hours.

Hippos; the Kazinga channel of Queen Elizabeth national park is known to have the highest hippopotamus concentration in Africa! Thus, hippos are abundant and you are guaranteed to see hundreds of them on a launch cruise on the famous Kazinga channel which also offers sights of giant Crocodiles, more game and hundreds of birds. A lunch / boat cruise on Kazinga channel is one of the best cruises you will have in Uganda.

Leopards: Leopards are also present in the park but regarded occasional because of their shy nature and hard to spot.

Chimpanzees: Chimpanzees are the main primate species in Queen Elizabeth and chimpanzee tracking is one of the activities in this park; done in Kyambura gorge. Chimpanzees there are however elusive and seen occasionally. Nine more primates are found in QENP including the black and white colubus monkey.

There are many other small animals and primates including Uganda kob, topi, warthog, baboons, and sitatunga among others