Lake Katwe Explosion Crater

Lake Katwe Explosion Crater

Explosion crater lakes in Uganda can be found around Queen Elizabeth national park. They are located in the northern part of the mweya peninsula the main Crater Lake is ‘Lake Katwe’ the number one salt distributer of salt in Uganda the lake is 3,265 feet depth not able to habituate any animals because of salty water however elephants, buffalos, flamingoes and baboons can be seen at the baboon cliff

This ancient lakes  are believed to have been formed as a result of violent volcanic eruptions this explosions were so violent that instead of piling debris just about their vents they instead widely released ash to the far areas.

Today they are known as crater lakes and some of this lakes are still releasing Sculpture smells. This lakes are; The Ndali kasenda crater, bunyaraguru on the kichambwa escarpment and kyemengo the most beautiful A few years before Christ this lakes continued gushing volcanic fire and brimstone continued to erupt from this crater explosion lakes.

They have no outflows for water hence making the water salty.

Plenty of wildlife such as elephants, monkeys as well as many bird species can be seen throughout the 27kilometre drive around the lakes, the crater lakes are also positioned in an area with breathtaking views of the great western arm African rift valley with its enormous escarpments.

In the local communities of the people of western Uganda they still speak of the crater lakes like kasesankarange in fort portal meaning spewer of roasted materials. Some of these lakes still contain molten lava and are likely to explode in years to come probably not when your on safari just enjoy the extraordinary views for time being, the three main lakes mentioned above are not the only crater lakes found therein but others are present the area contains over 20 crater lakes with some being dry.

This lakes can be found near kibale forest and fort portal area and can be accessed on foot one of the hikes one can take here are “on top of the world” hike offering panoramic views of the right valley escarpments and mountains of the moon among others u can also add a nature guided walk to kibale forest to your itinerary touring can take half day to a full day tour accommodation unit can also be found around here.

This explosion crater lakes also attract various numbers of birds such as the lesser plus flamingos,

Apart from explosion crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park, the park has a lot to offer starting from the impressive views of this crater lakes to the fresh water body lakes George and Edward not forgetting the stunning Kazinga channel of with it’s numerous hippos, crocodiles and views of elephants in the afternoon with the overlying views of the ishasha and Kasenyi plains over looking the mountains of the moon and Kasese town and fishing villages.

Not forgetting to visit the lake Katwe fishing village and see people’s way of life and lean how salt is mines though the mining processes haven’t changed in the recent years one can also add a chimpanzee trekking trip to their travel list and view chimpanzees at the great kyambura “ the valley of apes” including the baboon cliff near lake Katwe. Visiting this explosion crater lakes can take a full day itinerary tour and a unique experience of the volcanic eruptions

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