Mweya Peninsular

Mweya Peninsular

Mweya peninsular, is an area in Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda perched close to the shores of the vibrant Lake Edward mweya peninsular is one of the most visited places in the queen Elizabeth national park.

The park is approximately located near mweya airstrip easy access to the famous Kazinga channel and Lake Edward with mweya safari lodge providing various accommodations units and close to the excellent kasenyi plains hence attracting and favoring many visitors. This area provides breath taking views of land, water and animals as whole.

Mweya peninsular comprises of the Kazinga channel track part of it being covered by candle stick thorns with the outlying impressive Savannah making it an excellent area for game viewing, this zone has got several game tracking points which must be followed during game drives.

Animals commonly seen are leopards, herds of elephants, warthogs, hyenas, buffaloes, water bucks, forest hogs hippos seen at the boarding kazinga channel any time of the day and many other animals the list is endless.

Apart from game viewing, the peninsula also offers excellent viewing for many bird species for example, Black bee eater, malachite kingfisher, verreaux eagle owl and the shoebill among the rest

Mweya peninsula also offers visitors boat rides done in the kazinga channel during morning or evening hours and all visitors are always requested to register with the mweya offices before boat rides.

The boat cruise is one of a kind with striking views of the stunning Kazinga channel lined up with herds of elephants playing on water and hippos are a must see on a boat cruise in the Kazinga channel and often the giant Nile crocodiles can also be seen here with a number of water birds for example greater and lesser flamingos among others

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