Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

Queen Elizabeth national park, is located in the south western part of Uganda it’s one of Uganda’s treasures and most visited tourist destinations in the country and the only place to find the famous tree climbing lions not found elsewhere in Uganda and only in Lake Manyaga in Tanzania and not recorded else where in the world.

The park is bisected by the famous Kazinga channel with black lined elephants, hippos and giant Nile crocodiles. The park as got a lot in store for tourist the list of attractions of this Albertine rift flow is endless. However it feels good viewing this beautiful creatures from the sky other than game drive.

The hot air balloon safari starts in the morning with the magnificent views of the beautiful sun arising from east as thought it were coming out from lake George, which is east of the park this balloon safari is one of a kind as you fly through the tranquility of Africa untamed wilderness the endless ishasha plains the flight lasts for about an hour the adventurous trip kicks off at 5:30.

Where you meet at the Kasenyi gate for briefing the sites for lift off often change daily due to whether conditions and the wind flow. At the briefing, you will meet your pilot and be given the safety gears and landing procedure coffee and or tea are available. The balloon can accommodate about 16 passengers with a capacity of 300000 cubic feet.

After a hot air balloon is a yummy bush breakfast from Mweya safari lodge staff the hot air ballooning safari is the best way to view wildlife as one can spot hyenas back from catching prey and other animals with hippos going back to the water especially on the Mazinga channel area, it’s a journey of discovery to delight in a flying certificate is also awarded after the flight the pilot flies at varying altitudes depending on the will currents at varying altitudes.

The hot air balloon safari is also and vantage as a passenger will have great photo opportunities from this trip other than on ground on landing the pilot and passengers celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine followed by the mighty bush breakfast from the Mweya safari lodge.

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