Kasenyi Plains

Kasenyi Plains

The kasenyi plains are found in the north Eastern part of and some times known as mweya Queen Elizabeth national park in western part of Uganda this plains are also known as kasenyi sector the plains are fascinating with endless views of Savannah’s with roaming antelopes such as Uganda kob among other wildlife the plains neighbor the exceptional shores of lake George west of the lake adjoining to the famous known kazinga channel

With kasenyi plains having larger numbers of antelope’s lions and other cats are often seen here as the prominent prey around the park they feed on are antelopes either way antelopes also in this sector of the park for clear views of their predators see them on this endless clear plains and run on open way to save their lives

The kasenyi plains also comprise the kazinga channel where one can take a boat cruise at noon and come close with hippos and crocodiles, the cruise lasts fro about two hours elephants are also often seen playing or bathing in water arriving from the mighty kasenyi plains to the kazinga channel

Kasenyi plains are positioned in an area adjacent to lake George giving stunning views of the lake and lions are said to amount up to about two hundred in this breeding area of wildlife and different bird species for example common birds seen in the kasenyi plains are; grey crown cranes, red- throat spur fowls and yellow throated long crow.

Thanks Kasenyi plains area also gives excellent opportunities for photographers as one can capture lions preying on antelopes and a lot of other wildlife besides taking personal photos for the memorable experience​of Africa’s wilderness. Other animals often seen grazing are warthogs and elephants.

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