Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel

The Kazinga channel is situated in Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. The channel connects two lakes, Lake George on the Eastern part and Lake Edward in the West.

It’s a 42 kilometers channel that comprises of sector​s in the northern part comprising of kasenyi plains, Far off at a distance of the kazinga channel lie the splendid Ruwenzori Mountains with free flowing streams to Lake George that connects to the kazinga channel and then flows to Lake Edward one of the fresh water bodies in Uganda.

The Kazinga channel attracts a large number of animals of Queen Elizabeth national park, it’s one of the most distinguishing fantasy channels with the large numbers​of hippos in the whole world, and the Kazinga channel has got awe inspiring views unforgettable with many reptiles and elephants seen at the shores.

The crocodiles and hippos are a must see at the kazinga channel through out the year the Eastern section of kasenyi plains is the best place to spot the tree climbing lions.

In the afternoon noon most animals quench their thirst on the kazinga channel u can view elephants, buffalos monitor lizards, you can also view the biggest lizard that can be found in Africa the giant monitor lizard.

The kazinga channel is also a birders Avalon with many species intermingling with other game. The  common ones always seen around the African skimmer, the great white and pink backed pelicans, African shoe bill among many others you  can also see men at work in the fishing sites late afternoon setting their boats for night fishing avoiding hippos who graze on land at night.

The Kazinga channel consists of over 1600 hippos the adventurous boat cruise operates from 3pm and 5pm African Uganda time in other cases they can operate at 11am or midday.

Its  beautiful tapestry marveled by travelers, elephants and hippos are often viewed 2metres away from the cruising boats.

Private boats can also be rented all boats are exclusively comfortable and covered with life jacket provided for safety and professional tours guides who will give information of every animal you come through including birds the boat rent is done at Mweya safari lodge on prier to cruising.

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