Kalinzu Forest

Kalinzu Forest

Kalinzu  is located in the south Eastern edge of the Queen Elizabeth national park and is one of a must destinations in your list at the park with better chimpanzee trekking than in kyambura  George

The minimum age for chimpanzee trekking is 12 years old, driver guides are always availed to take travelers without cars to their nearby destinations, Kalinzu forest is an habitat to over 400 species of trees, an amazing  treasure trove for birders with over 300 bird species birds often seen are cuckoos, white caskets   and sun birds among others, vibrant numbers of butterflies, over 90 moths, flowers, primates such as white and black Columbus monkesys,blue monkey,vervet monkeys not to say all also reptiles can be found in this treacherous forest.


Kalinzu forest has got four different trails for nature walks this are

The valley trail

This trail takes about 4hours and overs spectacular views of the magnificent​steep slopes of the right valley with the green forest canopy and during this trail u can encounter various wild life on the way

The waterfall trail

The water fall trail is so enormous with breath taking views of the Kalinzu forest this takes about 4-6hours and leads to the exceptional waterfall called “kilyantama” this trail goes through wet terrain and hilly areas with stunning views of the over lieng Kalinzu forests

The river trail

The river trail cover about 2 and half kilometers and takes about an hour. Chimpanzees and other primates are commonly seen in this trail and the tourist will also come along river kajojo also known as Elephant River because elephants we’re known to bath from here

The palm trail

This trail takes about one and half to up to two hours tourists can come along the fascinating tree species on this trail and passes through flat terrains among the trees species can be seen the rare flame tree with it’s unique red large tulip flame like leaves which the locals believe arouses sexual desires in women and variety of palm trees among the rest

Different bird species and various wildlife includimg butterflies can be seen along all the above trails apart from enjoying the canopy of the kalinzu forest travellers can also-ran​ park along with them  picnic lunch box and enjoy their lunch in the picnic areas of kalinzu forest

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