Maramagambo Forest

Maramagambo Forest

Maramagambo forest is located in the Queen Elizabeth national park in south western part of Uganda bounded by lake nyamadindiri” and lake “kyasanduka” meaning unexpected the locals believe that this lake was a small stream where they used to fetch water but one day the stream changed into a big water body instead of the usual small one hence the name “kyasanduka”

The most loved destinations in Maramagambo forest are the bat caves consisting of numerous bat caves and resident African rock pythons. The forest derived its name from traditional tales believing that young people got lost from within the forest and it took them a good number of days to track back the pathways to the village where they came from. On reaching the village, the youngsters would not speak for so long due to the tiredness and being worn-out from looking for away out of the forest, hence the word “Maramagambo” likened to mean “end off words”

The forest offers a number of ideal activities including forest guided nature walks, trekking the curator lakes, the forest also offers a good number of primates species such as the olive monkey, red tailed monkey, bush babies the white and black Columbus monkeys to mention a few. Various bird species such as fawn breasted wax-bill, dark caped yellow warbler, red-tailed bristle bill and African grey pigeon among others.

The Maramagambo forest can be trekked for an hour or half day trekking safari depending on the tourists’ interest. During this nature guided walks birders can come along many bird species such as the Ruwenzori turaco and flycatchers among others often seen are a number of numerous types of butterflies and the column matching soldier ants 100 metres longs and 6metres side by side.

Monkeys are often see grooming each other or having a  siesta at the spectacular green canopies of the Maramagambo forest. Maramagambo forest also consists of the famous melicia excela tree also known as the Cormorant tree that’s said to be over 500 years old.

The bat caves were shut up in 2008 due to a woman contracting Marburg virus but resumed later with parks Co operation with the American​ center for disease control setting up a safe viewing platform outside the café.

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