Lake George

Lake George

Lake George, is found near Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda, it’s situated in the western part of the great African rift valley. It covers and area of about 250 kilometers squared and its depth is about 2.4 metres hence small and shallow. T

he lake is supplied by variety of water bodies overflowing from the spectacular Ruwenzori mountains also known as mountains of the moon the main water streaming to lake George are from mubuku, rumi, Nsonge dura and mpanga from North Eastern part whereas the lake outflows it’s waters to the stunning kazinga channel connecting to lake Edward

Lake George consists of rain seasons start in May and in October. The fascinating lake is a habitat to many types of fish thermo Cyclops, tilapia Nilotic, among many others the lake is also boarded by papyrus swamps which habituate many bird species and the Sitatunga antelopes it’s also consists of islands and major ones being iranqra, akika and kankuranga

The lake is highly beneficial to the people staying in the area as fishing is one of the main activities carried out here apart from tourism hence the locals gain income leading to improved living standards

Lake George is named after a British royal family member “Prince George who later became the King George V of the United Kingdom. The first white man to explore the lake was a British man called “Henry .M.Stanley who visited the lake in 1875.

Lake George water levels are inconsistent and is among the great lakes though it’s not usually called so the Henry .M. Stanley named this lake  George after his second visit around 1988-89 he had earlier on named it the “Beutrice gulf “ after thinking that River Katongora right from lake Victoria was the progression of Lake Victoria and assumed lake George was part of lake Albert, today the lake is still Called Lake George and is an habitat to a wide range of wildlife as well as a tourist attraction as the wildlife is often seen here quenching thirsts in the afternoons.

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