Kyambura Wildlife Reserve

Kyambura Wildlife Reserve

Kyambura is one of the known areas of Queen Elizabeth national park with extraordinary views of wildlife, primates, butterflies and many other things to be included in ones travel list.

It’s bordered by kyambura George to the west kyambura is situated on the north Eastern side of Queen Elizabeth national park and also links to the kazinga channel, forming it’s northern boundary villages and village plantations lie to the southern end of kyambura game reserve

Kyambura wildlife reserve consists of the reknowned magnificent kyambura George an under ground forest boarded by the kichambwa escarpment of the rift valley it’s a paradise with striking views and a great bonus to Queen Elizabeth national park.

The upper escarpment contains the Savannah vegetation, kyambura wild life reserve is said to have recorded 13 habitats here and the only place near Queen Elizabeth to trek chimpanzees apart from Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks.

It’s drained by the Kyambura River and one of the most impressive landscapes Uganda can offer with outstanding scenic views. It’s also close to the equator crossing.

The steep slopes of kyambura George are believed to have been formed by the raging thunderous water of river kyambura many years ago leading to it’s rich biodiversity of the riverine forest attracting many primates which can be accessed by foot with a well trained knowledgeable tour guide.

Chimpanzee trekking at kyambura wild reserve

Chimpanzee trekking the main activity at kyambura wildlife reserve also known by some as “the valley of apes” apart from chimpanzees other primates found in the kyambura wonders are the blue monkey, forest hogs, white Columbus monkeys, black Columbus monkeys, red tailed monkeys and olive baboons to name a few.

This chimpanzees are familiar with humans and carry their day to day activities in the presence of humans.

Chimpanzees build their nests on top of trees and rest there in at day time and for night use, chimpanzee’s day starts in the morning with fruit picking where they pick fruits randomly, however in the afternoon they become very selective on the most fruits and live out the raw ones.

Chimpanzees use tree stems against their enemies and can also use hooks or stems to deep in termite holes and when the termites cling they pick and eat at rare occasions chimpanzees are also seen killing small monkeys to supplement their diets.

The chimpanzee trekking visitors are required to be physically fit and the minimum age for trekking chimpanzees in kyambura wildlife life reserve is 12 years. chimpanzees offer great photo opportunities for photo lover and can pose in many styles.

Apart from chimpanzee trekking in kyambura wildlife reserve, one can take a birding safari tour or guides forest nature walk with an experienced tourist guide.

Kyambura wildlife reserve offers rich biodiversity supporting avian species such as falcons, blue headed bee eater, African broad bill, corncrake, lesser plus greater flamingoes, African skimmer, pink backed pelicans and white tailed lark among others.


Nature guided forest walks

Chimpanzee trekking


Kyambura wildlife reserve is part of the great queen Elizabeth national park so accommodation varies from luxourios,budget and camping some accommodation units include; Katara lodge, kingfisher kichambwa lodge, kyambura George safari lodge and Engazi lodge among others

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