Best Time to Visit / When To Go

Queen Elizabeth national park is open all year long and can be visited anytime of the year but game viewing is at its best during the dry season; months of January, February and June to August. Check the comparing below for an overview;

Quick facts

Best time to visit QENP: January to February and June to July (Dry seasons)

High / peak Season: June to September (This is the time when many tourists visit Uganda for gorilla trekking among other activities so there are usually many people in the parks and prices are at premium.)

Low Season: April, May, October and November (There are few people in the park and prices are often discounted)

The Best Weather: During the months of June to July and January to February because there is less rainfall

The Worst Weather: The months of April, May and September to October with very high rains making some roads impassable and interrupting some activities.

January to February and June to July – Dry Seasons

• Wildlife is easier to see as vegetation becomes thin and animals gather around water sources
• Drier trails make chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura less demanding
• There are many sunny days to enjoy
• The best time for birding is late May to September
• Views aren’t as good due to the hazy air

March to May and August to December – Wet Seasons

• You will see a great number of wildlife year-round
• The landscape is beautiful and greener
• Migratory birds can be seen
• Roads may become inaccessible after heavy rains and forest trails get slippery
• Afternoon thunderstorms should be expected and it might drizzle for days at a time