Mweya Hostels and Cottages

Mweya Hostels and Cottages

Mweya hostels and cottages, are also known as Mweya institute of ecology are dormitory style and budget range accommodation found in Queen Elizabeth national park situated in the south western part of Uganda.

The hostels are located near the luxurious Mweya safari lodge in the Mweya sector of the park with self-contained rooms, non-self-contained single and double rooms with shared bathrooms and toilet facilities,.

Some of this Mweya hostels can accommodate 5-6people this hotels are the best for visitors traveling in large groups the environment is ecofriendly with panoramic views of the vibrant Kazinga channel linking Lake George and Lake Edward.

The channel is very close to the hostels it’s also advantageous to those who would love to take the famous lunch boat cruises of the Kazinga channel.

Mweya hostels contain a canteen to access anything you might need including hot and cold drinks The meals at Mweya hostel are simply delicious and well prepared, animals like hippos and elephants are often seen or heard moving around close the hostels at night.

While at Mweya hostels, you can take a boat cruise to the renowned magnificent Kazinga channel streamed with wild animals taking water in the afternoons with various hippos close to your boat alongside crocodiles and many water birds.

The game drives to the park are also fabulous with views of different wild animals like elephant herds, leopards, giant forest hogs, hyenas and the famous tree climbing lions only found in the Ishasha sector of queen Elizabeth national.

The park is very rich in diversity ranging from the great crater lakes with breathtaking views of numerous flamingoes and the majestic set up of the sceneries. Lake Katwe is the most visited where you can view the baboon cliff, salt in its raw form, the old salt mining factory and then interact with the local salt miners themselves.

Tourists can also tour further to the Albertine rift valley escarpments of Kyambura George for chimpanzee trekking and also see other primates.

The Kalinzu and Maramagambo forests are also the best places to take nature walks while in Queen Elizabeth, for tourists on cultural tours, they can take cultural visits to the local surrounding communities interact with them and know their way of life and ancient stories of the park with traditional local dances performed from local dancing groups.

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